Vrb’s statement about the league after retirement? A bit disrespectful, says Freedom

One of the main causes of the Czech end to the EURO? Coach Pavel Vrba pointed out after defeat 0: 2 with Turkey, among other things, to the level of the domestic league, which does not give players sufficient training for matches at the top European level. The head of Czech top competition Dušan Svoboda opposed this. “I do not think the Czech league has an adequate level so it will not be able to prepare the EURO players so that our team will have a better result,” said Svoboda for iDnes.cz.

Play only domestic matches And then to go to the European Championships, that is, according to Vrba, insufficient preparation. “All three matches showed that football is played differently than in the Czech Republic.It’s other matches than in the competitions where our players are playing, “Vrba said.

Freedom, however, argues that the Czech league has its own level. “Her best position is the UEFA ranking. The club’s 13th place belongs to the Czech Republic, we are fighting for the twelfth position. This is a measurable parameter for me. And Czech clubs that are able to promote in Europe have a majority of players with a Czech passport. The share of foreigners is not essential, “he argued with a representative coach.

Vrb’s statement woke up among the league officials. “It’s a bit disrespectful to club owners and the people who work in them,” Svoboda said. “But I do not want to discuss what anyone says. I have some reactions from clubs.It was a little emotion from coach Vrba after being kicked out, we all imagined it differently, playing the role of frustration. I would also imagine the Czech league to be better, but it is also a matter of finance. “

Vrb’s statements may also have other consequences. “When a public coach in the public space says that the Czech league and the players do not have the necessary quality, it will also affect their market price.That’s what bothers me, “Svoboda said.

The Czech failure also reflects other factors besides the quality of the league, so he would like to welcome the analysis of the Czech performance at the championship, but at the same time rejects that Would be for personnel changes. “You need to evaluate things that are not just leagues,” he said.