Veselý is at the tennis challenger in Prostějov in the quarterfinals

Veselý stayed in the tournament as the only Czech deputy, as Jan Hernych lost to Serbia by Dušan Lajovic 4: 6, 2: 6.

Favored Veselý in the 318th ATP leader duel, Part of the qualification, Energybet free online bet has been ugly for a long time. He made the winner’s turn at the end of the second set when he refined and stabbed the blows. In the first set, Veselý lost 3: 5 in tie-break 3: 6 and had to turn away four sets.

“The match was a pain for me from start to finish. My performance was worse today than in the first round. I was waiting for a 4: 5 chance in the first set, fortunately. Even though I had to divert a few setbolts.The performance I have made today is not enough to advance to the semifinals, “said Veselý his performance self-critically.

Game inaccuracy was not lost in the second set in which Michon had even six setbolts. At the crucial moments, however, as in the opening set, he began to play fearfully. The most experienced cheerful 5: 5 player broke his opponent’s turn and after two hours and 20 minutes he turned the third mechbol.

“My problems were in my head. In the last two years, I have always come to the final here. But it binds me that I want to repeat this success very much.I hope that the quarterfinals with Krajinovic, who is in the top 100 of the ATP rankings, will bring tennis on Energybet online betting games the higher level as well as on the opponent’s side, “said Veselý, who successfully turned 10 opponents of the game. Never turned away. I was still down. In the second set, it helped me in the end, at the end of 0:40, Michon was nervous and did not convert a setbol. She began to worry about her cramps. His problems gave me energy even though I had enough, “said Veselý.

Hernych, who had overtaken Kazakh Golubjov on Monday, did not fight against the striking Lajovic. “I did not play badly but Lajovic was better. He had a very long strike and did not let me go to an offensive game, “he said.He admitted that on clay this season, many matches did not win and focus on grassy tournaments. He goes to Dutch Hertogenbosch on Thursday.

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