Unwanted football dwarfs. With all due respect, we have to deal, says coach

Andorra, San Marino, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, Malta, Gibraltar…Football dwarfs. In matches with them plus points you can earn. They are ungrateful game, a couple nenastupují into them with enthusiasm.

Now in San Marino Czech national team waits for the next match in qualifying for the world championship. “With all due respect to San Marino, we do not want it in any case underestimate, we should consult. They are mandatory three points and I would like to make it was plodding “wishes coach Karel Jarolím.

Not always the Czechs with similar” quality “rivals advice.Two draws in Malta defeat in Luxembourg, three goals once in Iceland, which had the fall of 2001 was certainly not the current terror favorites or suffering on Faer, where the only goal gave Šmicer five minutes before the end.

In the last years, however, the Czechs experienced no shame, though many times for mandatory stumbling points. “He wants to give a quick goal, then you better then another. And even if a longer period is zero-zero, so we must be patient, “said right-back Theo Gebre Selassie. “Today, these teams are not as weak as they were ten years ago. They have better coaches, football overall balances.But there’s nothing I do not want excuses, we must win. “

The Czechs again lost the power he had in the nineties and the beginning of the new millennium. San Marino traveled with respect, know that they can properly nadřít.

When after last November’s victory 8: 0 in Serravalle famous German striker Thomas Müller said that the San Marino Although it was a great experience, but otherwise it was useless struggle that should not play a rival called the amateurs, was harshly criticized. His words touched elites and government of the Republic of San Marino, the official name of microstates in the middle of Italy.

“Since it was unfortunate Muller.Everyone deserves a chance to be able to play. Yes, the Germans are confident the law, but they should not elevate above the rest, “says Gebre Selassie.

Müller was certainly not the first one matches with similar opponents too did not recognize. Former Czech national team coach Karel Brückner them wanted to create a special prequalification to have to play with them. He considered it pointless game, be underdogs in front of his era, but even after his departure could often shamed national team.

“What these football teams bring,” he would say Brückner. “What is good for something just defend and hope for merciful defeat. If they were playing with their peers, more would have enjoyed it.But when such an opponent get into a group, you must not underestimate. “

When his team in qualifying the 2006 World Cup gave in Andorra four goals Brückner recounted:” Pets have a very unusual style: try to pass the ball fouls , which then benefit from a long kick, and seek maximum downtime administration including slow balls. “

Compete in the competition with the best teams of the world, but football not want to play them. Just spoils the game, opponents annoy her. They are insidious, they do not play fair. Football dwarfs.

“If you can not be a quick goal, then the matches are tough.They were uncomfortable with a fierce hindrance, lying around and wasting, “said Czech striker Milan Baroš in the fall of 2009, after the match against San Marino (7: 0), against which four scored.

It is not expected that the current team gave San Marino’s many goals. At the Olympic stadium in Serravalle, as the name sounds a flourish, Czechs in its independent history, boarded twice before won 3: 0th How it will be on Sunday?