The Italian pilot Faggioli won Ecce Homo the seventh in a row

Ecce Homo is pulling. Every year fans from all over Europe come to the famous race in the hill. The first to camp on the track since Friday afternoon. At the weekend, there were more interesting places that were crowded with people as well as refreshment stalls that did not stop at tropical temperatures.

“I wondered how many people were already on Saturday’s training sessions. I do not dare to guess at the race, but at least fifteen thousand people were, “said Vlastimil Malík, President of the Automobile Club Šternberk.

The fans have seen the action of the last few decades in the action, the series” historians ” 130 RS, Ford Escort or Fiat 128. The fastest but Simone Faggioli, as in the past six years. “In recent years, it’s the race of one rider.On the one hand, it’s good, because the others are trying to get closer to Faggioli, “Malik says.

” But it’s a bit of money. If you want to be a top rider, you have to have a good background, even financial. Simone Faggioli has managed to become a company rider, which is supported on all sides and there is a view. That’s the difference between him and the others. “

The flying Italian also competed this year, but his track record of 2: 45,630 in 2012 resisted this time. The 7,800-meter track was 2: 46,600 in the first run, the second was seven-tenths slower.

The second was Milos Beneš on the Osella FA30. “I’m happy with the placement, I managed to win the group (E2SS).But I had plans to overcome my pre-season, but it did not succeed by a few tenths. Unfortunately, we do not know how to work with new dampers, “the drivers from Nové Město nad Metují were sorry.

Václav Janík, who was the premiere of the M20FC Standard, finished in the 7th place. “I was only a few miles ahead of the race with the car. It’s totally different, but it works perfectly, it’s a big shift. We wanted to go around 2:56, 3:00. It’s also not bad and I did not get a better result, it’s just me because I do not know the limits of the car.We did not have the chance to test, so man was more safe, “said Janík living in Litovel.

Next year Nutrend Czech National Team wants to attack the higher rungs. “Now I feel like I know the car pretty well. I need this to be training and the race is going tomorrow. It is necessary to sit as far as possible in the car and to ride, “Janík laughs.

Miloš Beneš is also looking forward to future mutual battle with Janík. “The difference in technology is so great that the first year with such a car is not realistic to go in great times.But for the future, we will definitely see Vasek Janík bigger duels, “says Benes.

The third Šternberk pilot Petr Trnka finished in two liters for Andrea Bormolini and Petr Vondrák. “We wanted to be on the crate and it did, albeit just so. Of course, what’s better, “the 22-year-old pilot soberly assessed. He helped him to know each of the 7,800 meters on Ecce Homo, but the same does not apply to his Norma M20FC.

“I know the track perfectly, that’s my advantage. But with the new car, I’m going here for the first time. We’re still looking for changes in settings.Next year, this was more a test this year, “it is looking forward.

A well-known track will be the next year. “We wanted to repair the asphalt on the top of the track this year so we could reach a new track record, unfortunately it did not last. But it will be next year and the track record will be overtaken by riders, “says the president of the Šternberk autoklub Malík.

This year, however, he and everyone who participated in the race may be satisfied with this year’s race. “But it’s not as important as I am, but how satisfied drivers and viewers are. Meanwhile, I have heard from the riders that they are very happy.And of course I enjoy it, “Vlastimil Malik smiled.