Summer priority of Jihlava coach Klusáček? The return of Janoše

“We’re going to keep going here,” Klusacek wishes. “I hope he will be back to return.

For me, it is Energybet online bet a priority at the moment, I do not want to have anything else to talk about. “Jihlava therefore spoke with Sparta. “Part of it has been solved, but everything has its own development and it can change,” Klusáček says. “We will see how the Euro will continue if our group moves or not.”

Similar is the situation with another Spartan, left defender Matěj Hybš. Also, the leadership of the Jihlava club would certainly not be angry if he worked in Vysočina in the next year. “There will be some development in the course of preparation. Now it is not possible to solve it, “Klusáček realizes. “Again, it’s the first thing Sparta tells you if he gets any other offer.Matěj is also influenced by the fact that he plays in the basic team, “suggests a possible complication. “On the other hand, it is certain that at the beginning of the five-week summer preparations there will be two new players in Jihlava: the exhrade striker Pavel Dvorak and the midfielder Marek Opluštil. Three tested players will fight for the place in the squad: defenders Martin Sladký, Petr Chyla and Ghanan Daniel Addo. And the juniors and youngsters want to meet with a chance: Dominik Pedro, the generalist David Klusak and the pair of attackers Tomáš Duba and Jiří Klíma.

“Jihlava is famous for its excellent work with the youth and these players confirm it.Each of them has the assumptions for which they have emerged here, “says Klusacek, who still does not want to tip who will be able to win the team.

” Certainly not everyone. But for us coaches, this is a chance to see in comparison with others, and also in matches against heavy opponents, “says Klusáček. “It gives us a different look than when I see them in a youth. It has a much greater value for us. “

The cadre of the Jihlava team, apart from the players who finished the Sparta hosted, left the midfield Tomáš Kučera. The 23-year-old offensive midfielder left to try the luck in the team of the incumbent champion, Pilsen Victoria. “We will try to replace it.However, he is a very good player and from this perspective, his departure is sorry, “Klusáček admitted.

“But we have to respect that it has the ambition to try it in a better-built club,” the coach of Jihlava reminded that Pilsen could also make it to the prestigious Champions League. One of the possible Kučerové The successors could be Petr Nerad, whose team from Bohemians 1905 Prague should Energybet sports bet change their transfer. “We are at the beginning of the preparations and there are several alternatives. So I do not want to say if it’s exactly him, “Klusáček smiles.

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