Shooting like biathlon? Perhaps it does not fit, the Czechs say about the mixed competition

Before the Monday race, a 46-year-old matador, Jan Sychra, : “I like how much biathlon has made attractive in recent years. It’s fantastic. For me more than that, I’m a shooter and admire that he can hit with such a pulse. “

Just in the winter sport the mixed relay is a Czech pride, From the World Cup and soy game in Sochi. Who knows if they can even reach the guns of the Olympic glory once. At the European Games in Azerbaijan a pioneering attempt was made, in which the duo Jan Sychra, Libuše Jahodová was among the last six, but eventually ended without a medal.

Especially my fault.I did the same as on Sunday, “Sychra described; A day earlier, he was split in one race from a silver medal and a ride to Rio 2016. “Shooting is unpredictable and man is not wise after thirty years,” he added. His mate Libuše Jahodová said: “We did it, the main thing was to get to the final. I was enjoying the race. “While some of the couples on the edge of the Baku metropolis remained in clear concentration, other shooters might have been more emotional. “It was a premiere for us as well,” Sychras reminds us that the race of this type is new: “So I rather watched Líbb what she was doing and I tried to support her.Unfortunately, it did not work out much. “

In Baku, some minor confusion in the rules had to be addressed. “The basis was the same, but we had the worst of time when the timekeeping was running. But we did it, “said Jahoda.

Sychra, who has experienced a shooting, feels that the new format has the potential. “I have no information about how he counts for him in the future, but I think he’s pretty good. At the Olympics in Rio, probably not, but the next one could think about it, “he says. “This thought should not be over.It is good and the female and male teams are cemented. “

And it can also offer a chance to another Czech medal in the future.