Messi first kicked a penalty like a doll, the fans drew his mustache

He has had a bit of trouble lately with penalties. It’s not so long that journalists and experts have told him that he has turned only half of the last ten – that’s not a good thing for a player who is running for 50 season goals…

Like Messi’s kick : He has not passed since then, four times in a row with a score scoring. Perhaps the greatest response has been made by the last successful attempt to win a 6: 0 win over Getafe.

He played in the role of Antonin Panenky and with a graceful arrow he sent the ball in the middle of the goal while Guaita jumped to the right.He immediately knew that Messi had caught him, but he could not do anything more than to look behind the ball helplessly.

And on social networks, they quickly began to jump in posts that not only greeted Messi but also Panenka, the original author A genius of a simple kick.

Gary Lineker, the former captain of the English team, noticed that the Argentine star had never kicked that penalty before. “Messi gives a penalty from a penalty to Panenka.I’m pretty sure he did it for the first time in his career, “he wrote on Twitter.

One of the fans placed a gorgeous collage on the same network, combining the faces of Messi and the Doll-including a mustache from The memorable sign of the former Bohemians midfielder.

Messi’s penalty shuffle was not the only thing Barcelona had glimpsed on Tuesday night. Six goals were scored in 47 minutes, helpless Getafe destroyed great combos and, above all, a star attack did what she wanted. The Argentine magician gave two goals, Suárez also, one shot provided by Neymar and one beautiful Xavi shot.

“I do not remember ever seeing a match with so many amazing goals.When the team is so effective, it is unstoppable, “coach Luis Enrique said at a press conference. “Things could have been complicated, but players have solved the situation in the best possible way. Still, I have no doubt that we can still play better. “

After a clear victory, Barca is leading the five-point table, second Real has a good Wednesday match against Almere.