Ley Percy and Khalshani. Festival racing was a sign of return

The International Film Festival is currently in charge of Karlovy Vary. However, it is not just the city center. The atmosphere of the diverse world of moving pictures moved to Hippodrome Holoubek for several hours in the presence of actors and friends of cinema on Sunday, where she intermingled with the beauty, grace and speed of the whole bloodbath. This year’s third meeting, moderated by Bořek Slezacek, attracted its attraction among the peaks of the Karlovy Vary season.

Traditionally flawlessly prepared track has tested six dozen horses from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. Contrary to habits, it has not been confirmed that the cold and rainy weather comes in hand with the advent of the festival to the spa metropolis.The audience and the actors themselves were touched by the tropical heat this time.

Summer price of mares

Four-legged ladies in a two-kilometer test II. category.Local specialty Summer price mares this year under the auspices of Karlovy Vary, enforce organizers as a major comparative test of the best three-year mares older in 2004.

This year’s Summer prices mares dominated Ley Percy, chestnut from the stable Ekols Skalica prepared Vaclav Luka build on their win in 2013. “Ley Percy is a handy bridge, a long time I could not get ahead in the target plane, but once got his head forward, so there was nothing left tackle and easily won, gave great performance,” said server dostihy.cz jockey Bajuržan Murzabajev for which it was at the festival meeting her second victory within the afternoon.

that in Carlsbad after nearly two years can Ley Percy reassert, it indicated ago A month in the Grand Prix of Slovakia, where she finished seventh.

In the Summer Price of the mares was enough for the victory to get to the target level and tent okrát he did not give his rivals no chance.

Ley Percy the local path lost in April of Baratheusem after two power outages again proved their class.In a quality time of 2: 06.74 minutes with confidence of two and a quarter length, this year’s double winner of Money For Danny bounced off.

The only Czech native Zamira was at the same time the only three-year mare in the field, but even the advantage of the weighed weight did not help it.

Just like in previous years, the older mare entered. Four-year-old Lužnice had a large circle of fans. Traditionally, she has been doing well in Vare. Two years ago, she won the Massea Prize, and the next one finished in the St. Wenceslas Winter Queen. Last year, in the Summer Price of the mares, it was just the second time, this time it was enough for the first time this year to run on the 6th place.The five-year-old Sapsiree, the former Czech derby, the second from the Czech Oaks and the third from the Austrian and Slovak Oaks, defended last year’s third place from the Summer Mares. Vani “> Josef Váni Cup

In the film spirit was held all afternoon, held as part of the official accompanying program of the 50th International Film Festival. Just remember the filmmaker Jaroslav Boucka, who was the initiator of the creation of the Obstacle Cup of Josef Váni (NL, 4,500 meters).

This year’s third steeplechase belonging to the highest category of National Listed took place under the auspices of Agrofert.He introduced domestic horses with foreign experience, but also Slovak guest So Fantastic in the saddle with his coach jockey Jaroslav Brečka. Unfortunately, for a nine-year-old man, the racing became shameful. It was very easy to see the winner of the race with the pitfalls, and last year in this race Khalshani.The target band crossed a great lead over a single mare in the Sunshine Of Gracie field and a steadily improving Zeus.

“It was not ideal at first, he had a reversed head, but then he got into it and rescued me for the second time, “Pavel Tůma, coach of Khalshani coach for the web dostihy.cz, said about the course of steeplechase. The jockey Lukáš Matuský, who made the race by Khalshani, added: “I left him in the first lap, then I moved him to the position and when he needed, he took up and managed to win.”

Josef Váňa , The central figure of the race, subsidized by four hundred thousand crowns, had two handcuffs in the fire. Six-year gang No Time To Lose finished fourth and Big Mago, who presented himself to the Czech audience for the first time this year for the first time this year, as the penultimate.

In connection with the world of the film, the new sponsor Barrandov Studio.The representatives of the production center personally decorated the winners of the Barrandov Strawberry Prize. In a two-kilometer test, Milan-Zatloukal’s jockey was a risky start-goal tactic. Together with the white Ottima he developed a comfortable lead in the opening meters and in the finish line slightly offensive Pepa Havel attack. The final hurdle race was expected to become a clear matter of Mustami’s paper favorite. The four-year charge of coach František Holčák and the Czech territory has not yet found the conqueror.The Jubilee Honorary Victory of Career at the Old Beer Gala in Karlovy Vary Gallery Art Gallery Martina Havelková. “I did not believe I could make it with Old Beer,” Havelková smiled. “The most successful coach in the afternoon was Václav Luka, who also won the EBF Prize in addition to the triumph in the main plane race. With a three-year-old Annaqua. The double-rider award is the acting champion Bajurzan Murzabayev.