In Real he played, the club loves. But in the Champions League, Morata may be his kato

Twenty-one-year-old Morata in the opening semifinals of the Champions League gave the first goal to Juventus Turin, where he moved a little less than a year ago. The Italian team eventually won the 2: 1 duel. And if he does the retaliation, Morata will be one of those who played a major part in eliminating the trophy defender.

Morat’s moment came at the beginning of the match. He was able to finish the game when Tevéz shot and goalkeeper Casillas did not hold the shot. “It was not a terrific goal, but it counts and helped us to win,” he said with a smile.

On the field you would be delighted and enthusiastic about His eyes were searching in vain. Of respect and respect for his former club, he did not score the goal.

Alvaro Morata is celebrating Juventus Turin.And Alvaro Morata celebrates in Real’s shirt more than a year ago.

“I would never do that.

I want Real to win. That’s when I’m not playing with my team against him. I’m really grateful to Real, but now I want the best for Juventus, “Morata said.

” I have never said a word to Real. I am a grateful club that brought me up. Some people are looking for things that are not there. “

Morata started at Atlétic Madrid, at fifteen he was a year at Getafe, a club in the Madrid suburb. Then Real followed.

Last year he played even the finals of the Champions League against Atletico and celebrated the trophy. But in the summer, Real did not need him, but coach Carlo Ancelotti gave him in the last season.

Now Energybet online bet he regrets that he did not let him go.And that he has to build Gareth Bale, because Welsh was over two billion, and although he’s been out of shape for a long time.

“Morata is going up a lot in the last few months and is ready to play big matches. He has the advantage of not allowing pressure, “said Carlos Tévez, in Juventus, the attacker number one.

In a week, Morata plays where it loves. Repeat on San Bernabeu will be complicated for him either because of the strength of his opponent or emotions.

“I’m happy to have won, which is always hard against Real. But we have not achieved anything yet. We have to retaliate as if it were 0: 0. We need perfect performance, even Energybet online betting deals better than today. Against Real you are never in the advantage, it is the best team in the world.It will be more dangerous on San Bernabeu. “

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