Day to Eur: everything ready, just a set unclear. Two posts are solved

“There are two more question marks – a spike and a defensive midfielder,” Jiri Skalak, a midfielder who last managed to finish his wounded knee, told himself on Monday.

He could have jumped in the absence of the crushed Václav Kadlec To the start of the tournament as an attacker – this variant Dovalil is considering. “Over the last Energybet free online bet few days, I’ve been training on the tip,” Skalák admitted.

But the possibility is more: Prickryl or Kliment may also play in the attack, who have been playing goals in the Austrian Kaprun. But…”We have played twice against Ukraine, which has deployed younger players.So I would not really overstate the results, “said Prikryl, who won the two matches.

There are much better opponents on the Era, so we need to consider all pros and cons when creating the set. Perhaps in the position of the defensive midfielder Skalák talked about, it seemed to be a clear variant of the Petraks, but the blonde Nürnberg tattoo in Austria did not train much because of a lighter muscle injury. That is why maybe the coach puts Janoše, who has been successful.

The other positions he seems to have made clear, but on the outside he remains mysterious.Koubka and Pavlenka’s goalkeeper have already announced who will start the tournament as the number one, but the journalist has asked for patience. “Not that I want to make secrets, but I do not want to give an advantage to the rivals,” he explained. “Today, the statistical programs are so scrambled that the Danes could find everything and get ready for it.”

So, by now, speculation about the set, fans will not know it until Wednesday before the match. Everything is ready for this in Eden, the stadium is decorated with colors of the championship and especially: it has been sold out hopelessly for a long time.

Spectacular interest could be similar to the recent hockey world championship that has elicited euphoria. “Hockey has set us a high bar with the behavior of the spectators and the overall atmosphere,” says Miroslav Pelta, the head of the soccer association.He added: “There is no reason we could not do that either.”

After the tickets for all the “Czech” matches in the group were drenched, tickets for the matches played in Moravia are no longer available: In Olomouc and Uherské Hradiště. On Monday evening, however, only a part of the tickets for the matches of Germany, Serbia and Denmark plus a few tickets for the Prague semifinal match were left.

The fans are a good sign, but Pelt knows: “The sporting result Energybet online bet is also crucial for the success of the tournament The organizer on the pitch. “

In order to get the best, the Czechs need a start. Already on Wednesday at 6 pm in Eden.

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