Banik gave a goal in 381 minutes. Then he put three more and managed the shootout

In the fifth minute, Šašinka pushed the ball to Sivrič and he hit the left stick. Banik scored 381 minutes. But instead of kicking the team, the players bucked up mistakes and inaccuracies.

Českobudějovič in three minutes turned the situation. First, the home left behind a completely free Kaloda, and after Kalod’s penetration around the back line he shot himself to the right Janotka pole himself.

“We were inaccurate,” Ostrava coach Petr Frnek said. “At first, nobody was able to catch the balloon at the standard, so they played quickly, and nobody even offered Kaloda, which we knew was dangerous. Then he lost the duel with him and after a series of our mistakes, the guests led. And it was a drama. “

It took roughly 20 minutes for Ostrava to hit the heavy wounds.At the end of the half-time they kicked six horns in a short while behind. After the last one, in the 44th minute, Shašinka ran through the Mišákův center and made his head with his first goal in the first league. The shot ended in a minute before the end with a technical shot to the left stick Kukec – 4: 3. And Banik also definitely retained the first league this season, but before a poor visit of 1 402 spectators, the weakest in 19 years! “” We were relieved that we finally won home for the first time in the spring, “said stoper Michal Frydrych, who equalized to 3: 3. He was in the midfield position, as Kasha was given the opportunity to play.Frydrych alternated.

Backstage is speculated that he remained among the substitutes because the club’s chiefs have not yet agreed on a new contract. “Nobody told me anything, it’s hard to say,” said Michal Frydrych. “I was not in the set, but we were ready to jump, and I’m glad to score.”

The coach of the clutch of confusion about the deal was called a clear speculation. “The balls have been sprinkled all season on the bench for one match, so we decided to get the opportunity again,” the coach said. “Other changes we did because we needed a little bit of a revival, especially the offensive.”

The Czechs have been returning home as a second-league team. “We did not lose it here, but at other times,” said coach František Cipro. “We came here to win.On the next round, we host Sparta but everything could happen. “